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Pomace Dryer

AdvantagesCustomized, Short Drying Time, Continuous & Quick Drying, High Heat Efficiency, Compact Structure

【Production Period】: Within 45 working days

【Processing Capacity】:As need.

【Exhaust Air Treatment】: bag filter

【Fuel Choice】: Coal, Waste Wood, Biomass Pellet & Briquette, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.

Pomace Dryer Machine Introduction:

Pomace Dryer Machine by Sunco Machinery is continuous pomace drying system for apple, orange, grape, peach, olive, etc. Apple Pomace Drier can dewater the high humidity pomace to be about 10-13% moisture content as need one time directly. 

◆ Pomace Dryer Machine is developed by Sunco Machinery upon years' research, and it is continuous pomace drying system. 

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◆ Whole set of Pomace Drying System mainly contains : Coal Hot Air Furnace, Feeding Machine, Discharging Machine, Rotary Drum Dryer, Dust Cleaning System, Electric Control Box, High and Low Temperature Air Duct Tube, etc.

◆ Focus on the pomace's special features such as big moisture content, high sugar content, easy to bond, Sunco Machinery Pomace Dryer adopts series of original technology, solves all kinds of problems during the pomace drying process, and obtain very good drying effect. 

Nowadays, Pomace Drying System have worked successfully in many Fruit juice processing enterprises. Pomace Dryer Machine is suitable for the drying of apple pomace, pineapple pomace, Orange pomace, olive pomace, Grape pomace, etc. 

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Rotary Pomace Dryer Machine for drying Pomace Performace Features:

◆ Large moisture content decrease: Pomace Dryer can dewater the fresh pomace moisture content from about 80% to less than 13% one time directly. 

◆ Large processing capacity. Single set Pomace drying system can deal with 80-500 tons fresh marc every day.

◆ Wide application: Except for the drying of fresh apple pomace, pomace dryer also can be used to dry the poor scattered and large moisture content decrease materials such as vinasse, compound fertilizer, etc.

◆ For the Relevant components, we have considered the requirements for ensuring long-term continuous full load working under high temperature.

◆ The heat source adopts the chain type coal hot air furnace which is of strong adaptability for all kinds of coal. The fire grate is stepless driving, and the coal burns fully, and the heat efficiency can be more than 90%. The coal loading and deslagging are all done by machine, it has the features of stable working and easy operation.

◆ Pomace Drier Machine for pomace adopts rotary drum dryer as the main machine, it has the features of simple structure, little breakdown, low maintenance cost, large capacity, and long term continuous working, etc.

◆ Adopts double layers of lifting boards inside the cylinder drum, and ensure the drying effect.

◆ Pomace Drying Machine for pomace adopts new type sealing system and thermal insulation system, coal consumption and electricity consumption is less than the old design rotary dryer .

◆ Inside the pomace dryer's drum, there is strong strength breakup device, it can effectively sove the problems of binding and agglomerate.

◆ Use the scraper feeder, adopts stepless variable speed drive, it can easily adjust the feed speed, and ensure the stability of the feed speed.

◆ On the pomace drying system's high and low temperature pipes, it is equipped with temperature measuring sensor and digital display instrument, and thus it can achieve the best drying effect and ensure the safe running of the drying system.

◆ The whole pomace drying system adopts electric centralized control, high degree of automation, convenient operation.

◆ After the drying section, the Pomace dryer for pomace can be matched with crushing, mixing, granulating, packaging, in order to produce the fruit residue granule feedstuff.

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Sunco Machinery can design and supply pomace dryer machine according to the following information specially :

01. Initial moisture content %)of wet pomace ?

02. Final output moisture content (%) of dry pomace needed ?

03. Input Capacity (ton per hour ) needed ?

04. Prefered fuel such as coal, waste wood, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

05. Other special requirements if have ?



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