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Deodorization Tower

AdvantagesCompact Structure, Less Power Consumption, Easy Operation, Stable Work Performance

【Production Period】: Within 15 days

【Processing Capacity】:N/A

【Exhaust Air Treatment】: N/A

【Fuel Choice】: N/A

Deodorization Tower is used to get rid of the strong odor from the water vapor and flue gas out of the chicken manure drying system, and it is very important to keep the chicken manure dryer working field clean.

Many friends asked us that what is the working principle of the chicken manure dryer deodorization tower, here we make an explanation as below:

Deodorization Tower Working Principle of Chicken Manure Dryer, Chicken Manure Dryer, Manure Drier, Poultry Manure Drier

Chicken Manure Dryer Deodorization Tower consist of water pump, water pipe, air duct tube, deodorization tower, recycling water pool (It is divided into two parts: Settling Pool and Clean Water Pool.).

The water vapor together with the flue gas with strong odor goes into the deodorization tower through the air duct tube. 

The water pump together with the water pipe sends the clean water into the deodorization tower through the water inlet.

The water falls down quickly, and meets the water vapor and flue gas sufficiently which is rising up rapidly. 

In the deodorization tower, the strong odor is get rid of , and then the flue gas goes into the atmosphere through the top of the deodorization tower. The dirty water falls down and goes into the settling pool through the bottom pipe of the deodorization tower.

After settlement in the settling pool, the dirty materials falls down to the bottom of the settling pool, and its clean water goes into the clean water pool through one water outlet between the settling pool and the clean water pool. 

Then in the clean water pool, the clean water is sent into the deodorization tower again, and thus the water is recycling.

Every a certain period of time, we need to clean the water pool and the deodorization tower so that the deodorization tower system can have a good work performance.

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