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Vibrating Screen

AdvantagesCompact Structure, High work efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, stable and durable.

【Production Period】: Within 15 days

【Processing Capacity】:As need.

【Exhaust Air Treatment】: Without

【Fuel Choice】: Without

Introduction of Linear Vibrating Screen:

Linear Vibrating Screen also is called Linear Vibrating Sieve. It is suitable for screening powder, granular material with size up to 325 mesh.

Linear vibrating screen is designed with dual-vibration motor drive,two synchronous motors are reversely placed so that the exciter generate reverse excitation force, the exciting force generated by eccentric block cancel each other out on the parallel direction of motor axis,and stack together with the perpendicular direction of motor axis, so its trajectory is linear. Linear vibrating screen is suitable for particle size and the maximum size should be less than 10mm.

Advantages and Feathers of Linear Vibrating Screen:

 Less energy consumption,lower noise,longer service life.

  The beam and screen box are connected by high strength blot without welding.

  High accuracy screening efficiency,simple and stable structure, convenient maintenance.

  Suitable for rough screening with high capacity.

 Long travel distance for materials on the screen surface, high screening efficiency.

Working Principle and Application of Linear Vibrating Screen:
Linear vibrating screen is widely used in mining, coal, refractories, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.It is usually used for the screening and grading materials in large, middle and small particles.
Vibrating Screen
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Type Layer Sieve Dimension (mm) Sieve Mesh (mesh) Particle Size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Double Amplitude (mm) Frequency (r.p.m) Screen Angle (degree)
ZS-520 1-5 500X2000 2-325 <20mm <5 0.37x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
ZS-525 1-5 500X2500 2-325 <20mm <8 0.37x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
ZS-612 1-5 600X1200 2-325 <20mm <3 0.37x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
ZS-1020 1-5 1000X2000 2-325 <20mm <12 0.75x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
ZS-1025 1-5 1000X2500 2-325 <20mm <16 0.75x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
ZS-1030 1-5 1000X3000 2-325 <20mm <20 1.1x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
ZS-1224 1-5 1200X2400 2-325 <20mm <23 1.5x2 6-10 1460/960 0-10


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