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Hay Dryer

AdvantagesProfessional Customized, 15-20 Minutes Drying Time, Continuous Drying Process, Reduced Dust Emissions, Lighten odor of exhaust air, Compact Structure & Less Land Occupation.

【Production Period】: Within 45 Working Days

【Processing Capacity】:As need

【Exhaust Air Treatment】: Cyclone Dust Separator

【Fuel Choice】: Coal, Waste Wood, Biomass Pellet & Briquette, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.

Brief Introduction of Hay Dryer Machine:
Hay dryer Machine is used for drying rice straw, elephant grass, seaweed, water grass, alfalfa, reed grass, dog tail grass, oats and other forage. The Sunco Machinery adopts the rotary drum dryer machine with hot air quick drying technology and the clean hot air furnace with hot medium sedimentation technology to realize the cleaning of the hay drying process, the color of the hay remains unchanged, improve the palatability of the hay after drying, increase the intake of livestock, and change the traditional drying with small scale, large land occupation, low work efficiency.

Hay Drying Machine, hay dryer, rotary hay dryer machine
Sunco machinery has made great progress in the hay drying process of corn straw, sorghum straw, straw and other crop straw feed. First, its special inner structure improves the heat utilization rate and reduce the cost of hay drying. At the same time, a settling chamber is added at the end of the heat source device to purify the heat medium and reduce its smoke content.

Working Principle of Rotary Hay Dryer Machine :
The hay dryer machine adopts the rotary drum dryer, with low cost, simple operation, large output and good drying efficiency. Hay dryer machine mainly uses hot air rapid drying technology for drying and dehydration. The heat exchange between the hot air and the wet hay can be realized in the downstream or upstream situation. The wet hay is fed to the inlet hole of the hay drying equipment through the feeder. Under the combined action of the large gear and pinon gear driving force, the guide plate and the gravity of the material itself, the hay is dispersed uniformly in the dryer machine by the lifting plates. The hot air is in full contact with the wet hay to realize the full heat exchange, and finally in the discharge area, the dedusting device catches the dust, and the exhaust air goes into the atmosphere after purification. Heat exchange is the most critical link of hay drying equipment, which requires many factors such as wet hay is disperesed sufficiently in the dryers, hot air volume, wind speed, temperature, internal structure layout of drying area and equipment passing rate to work together to improve the heat utilization rate and guarantee the drying quality.

The hot air process is as follows: the hay dryer machine is equipped with clean hot air stove, the clean air is pressurized by the induced draft fan and enters the heat exchanger for heating, the temperature reaches 150-350 ℃, the air is sucked into the dryer by the induced draft fan after the dryer to dry materials and evaporate water, the temperature is reduced to 35-55 ℃ and discharged from the hay dryers, and the dust containing moisture is purified by the dust remover and discharged to the standard.

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Sunco Machinery can calculate and design the suitable hay dryer machine as your actual need, please supply the below information:
01. What kind of hay is it ?
02. Initial moisture content (%) of wet hay which is ready to be dried ?
03. Needed output moisture content (%) of dried hay?
04. Input Capacity (ton per hour) ?
04. Preferred fuel such as waste wood, wood chips, corncob, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?
05. Other special requirements if have ?

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