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How to dry poultry dung ?


To dry chicken manure properly is necessary for the owners of chicken farm, and it can turn chicken waste into treasure, and creat economic benefits for you.

How to dry poultry dung is really a headache to the chicken farm owner. If just throw away the chicken manure, it not only pollute the environment, but also will be punished by the local government. What is more, it is also a big waste as the dried chicken manure is a very good orgnic fertilizer for the plant, vegetable, fruit, etc. 
After being dried by the poultry dung dryer, the dried chicken manure also can be used as animal feed as the chicken manure contains many nutrition such as crude protein, etc.
Poultry Dung Dryer by Sunco Machinery successfully help to solve the chicken manure drying problem.
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Working principle of poultry dung dryer is as follows:
Screw conveyor sends the wet chicken manure into the chicken manure dryer machine. There is one hot air furnace to supply the hot air for the chicken manure drying system.
On the inner wall of the poultry manure dyer, there are many welded lifting plates. When the chicken manure dryer is rotating, these lifting plates make the hot air and wet chicken manure contact sufficiently. As the wet chicken manure is heated by the hot air, and the humidity in the chicken manure is evaporated into water vapour. 
Finally the dried chicken manure goes out of the chicken manure dryer as the product. At the end of the poultry manure dryer, we can use one powder bagging machine to pack the dried chicken manure into bags.
Then where does the water vapour go ?
At the end of the chicken manure drying system, there is one high pressure draft fan. Under the high pressure draft fan, the water vapour is sucked out, and finally goes into the atmosphere by the cyclone dust collector.

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How to dry poultry dung ?
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