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one day an adult chicken can generate how many gram chicken manure ?


One adult chicken can generate about 110-120 gram wet chicken manure per day.Sunco Machinery chicken manure dryer is very suitable for drying high humidity chicken manure to make the organic fertilizer.

One of our clients has one chicken farm with 40,000 chickens, and he want to dry the wet chicken manure and produce fertilizer. The below is his questions and our answers.

1. Clients: I have a poultry farm in Nigeria with a capacity of 40,000chickens, the manure goes in a pit mixed with water. and i am planning to open another business for chicken manure for fertilizer use. Pls suggest for me the best quality chicken manure dryer you have. For the moisture, i can not calculate that, pls suggest a good machine that will be profitable for my business.

Sunco Machinery:

One adult chicken can generate about 110-120g manure per day, so 40,000 chickens can generate about 4800kgs wet chicken manure per day. Our designed chicken manure dryer can dry 1 ton fresh chicken manure per hour. Every 5 days the 40,000 chickens can generate about 24 tons fresh chicken manure. As a result, the chicken manure dryer can work one day (24 hours) to dry all the 24 tons fresh chicken manure which is generated within 5 days.

Usually the moisture content of the fresh chicken manure is about 65%, and after being dried by the chicken manure dryer, the dried chicken manure moisture content can be less than 20%, and the dried chicken manure is very good organic fertilizer for the vegetable and plant.

2. Client: If it is possible, i will like the machine to be able to be operated in coal, gas and electricity, because of the electricity problem in our country.

Sunco Machinery: In our design, we use coal and waste wood as fuel for the hot air furnace of the chicken manure dryers, and use electricity for the motor of the chicken manure dryer.

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3. Client: Pls attach some pictures. I want a complete production line for the chicken manure equipment. What about the installation? In Nigeria?

Sunco Machinery: To make the foundation and installation needs about 20 days, one engineer, the salary for one engineer is 60USD per day, thus total salary is 1,200USD. You also can install the chicken manure dryer by yourselves according to our technical drawing, and later when you get the machines, what you need is to do some simple foundation, and connect all the parts together according to our technical drawing.

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one day an adult chicken can generate how many gram chicken manure ?
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