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Chicken Dropping Dryer for drying chicken manure


Chicken Dropping Dryer from Sunco Machinery is ideal for drying chicken manure, poultry manure with high humidity directly. The fresh chicken dropping humidity can be up to 70-75% which is rather wet, and it is not easy to be dried by the dryers.

Combining the past years actual experience in the field of chicken dropping drying and based on the traditional rotary dryer, Sunco Machinery developed and optimized the dryers, and invented new type rotary dryer specially for drying high humidity chicken droppings.

Chicken dropping dryer machine is to use high temperature flue gas to heat and dry wet chicken manure, and evaporate the water into vapor quickly, thus finally get rid of the water and produce dry chicken droppings accordingly.
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According to the features of fresh chicken droppings, the inner structure of chicken dropping dryer not only can disperse the wet manure and help the hot air to contact and heat it sufficiently, but also supply the drying space and water evaporation space for the chicken dropping drying process.

After being dried by chicken dropping dryer machine, the moisture content of dry chicken droppings can be reduced to be about 13-30% as need. From the wet chicken dropping goes into the dryer to leave the dryer, the drying time inside the dryer is about 15-20 minutes, and then you can get the dry chicken droppings.

Considering the odor of chicken droppings, we also have special exhaust air treatment device help to lighted the odor, and keep the working field clean.

In the market, the dry chicken droppings usually is used as organic fertlizer, animal feed, biomass, fuel, etc.

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