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Small Alfalfa Dryer


Small Alfalfa Dryer is for the small capacity drying of alfalfa, and the drying capacity of small alfalfa dryer varies from 500 to 1000 kg/hour.

Small Alfalfa Dryer also is called hay dryer, forage dryer, etc, and it is created on the base of rotary drum dryer. It have the features of high temperature drying, Quick Drying Speed, Continuous Drying Process, etc.

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Inside the small alfalfa dryer, there are many small cabins, and each 1 m3 cabin space has the ability to evaporate 70kg water into water vapour per hour. What is more, there are also multi bypass hot flue gas channels.

These small cabins are installed longitudinally, and it can make the hot flue gas and alfalfa move in different channels, and achieve the heat exchange between the alfalfa and hot flue gas. What is more, it can make the alfalfa and hot flue gas pass through the drum of alfalfa dryer several times in their own channel, thus it can use the heat sufficiently.

Between the hot air furnace and small alfalfa dryer, there is one high pressure draft fan which is used to send the hot flue gas and crushed alfalfa into the small alfalfa dryer. At the end of the small alfalfa dryer, there is one high pressure draft fan which is used to make the water vapour and dried alfalfa out of the small alfalfa dryer in time.
Small Alfalfa Dryer, Alfalfa Dryer, Alfalfa Drying Machine, Hay Dryer,

With one time drying process, the moisture content of alfalfa can be directly reduced to be about 15% from about 70-80%.

For the small alfalfa dryer system, you can choose to use waste wood, coal, diesel, natural gas, etc as fuel, and can according to your local market to select the cheapest fuel.

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