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Drying Chicken Manure Machine


There are so many chicken farms in the world, and everday huge quantity of chicken manure is generated. Without suitable chicken manure processing solutions, it will cause much pollution problems such as water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution. 

As the short digestive of chicken, much nutrition of the feed is not absorbed, thus for the fresh chicken manure, except it contains much water, it also contains much organic material, N, P, K, and coarse protein, etc.  If with reasonable processing, chicken manure also can help to creat profit for you.

But for the fresh chicken manure, not only it is not suitable to be used as animal feed, but also if directly to use it as organic fertlizer for the crops, and it will burn the roots of crops.

Sunco Machinery developed one new type chicken manure dryer machine according to the past years actual successful and failure experience. Sunco Machinery can design and customize the chicken manure drying machine according to the customers' actual need as follows:
01. Do you plan to prefer to dry fresh chicken manure or compost chicken manure ?
02. After the chicken manure drying process, what is the needed output moisture content (%) of the dry chicken manure needed ?
03. How many tons wet chicken manure do you plan to dry per hour ?
04. Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as coal, diesel, natural gas, coal, waste wood, or other kinds of biomass material, etc ?
05. Any other special requirements if have ?
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If you are in interest of chicken manure drying machine, you are welcome to contact Sunco Machinery by:
Email: suncodryer@hotmail.com
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