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Sunco Technicians in Thailand for installation of chicken manure dryer


Sunco Machinery technicians are guiding Thailand clients for the installation and commissioning of chicken manure dryer machine now, and estimated to begin bulk drying production in the end of June.

Thailand Chicken Manure Dryer Machine
According to the plan, Sunco Machinery two technical people will stay in Thailand about 30-40 days, and their main jobs are to guide for installation, test run and workers trainning on the operation of chicken manure dryer.

This chicken manure drying system mainly includes Coal fired mechanical hot air furnace, input screw conveyor, rotary drum dryer, output screw conveyor, cyclone dust separator, induced fan, water dedusting tower, recycling water pool, etc.

The designed input capacity is about 15 tons wet chicken manure with moisture content about 36%, and the output capacity is about 12 tons dry product with moisture content about 13%.

After being dried, not only the water is got rid of, but also the harmful bacterials and worms are killed durying the high temperature drying process.

The dried chicken manure can be directly used as high quality organic fertilizer, and also can be made into pellets to be sold with higher price.

For one successful chicken manure dryer system, in order to have good work performance and high drying capacity with less operation cost, the rerasonable design of the rotary dryer and also the cheap fuel both are very important.

Sunco Technicians in Thailand for installation of chicken manure dryer
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