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How to dry sand stably and evenly?


The sand dryer uses the hot air flow to contact and heat the sand so as to evaporate the water. It has the advantages of simple operation, strong overload resistance and large processing capacity.

The Rotary sand dryer needs to keep high temperature in the process of work, so as to prevent the phenomenon of wall sticking, and control the stability of temperature reasonably at the same time, so as to ensure the effective drying operation.
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If the sand dryer machine wants to dry stably, it needs the heat source of the combustion furnace. The temperature of the sand dryer comes from the heat generated by the combustion furnace. Therefore, to ensure the combustion of the fuel, the temperature of the cylinder and the heat dissipation, an automatic device can be used to add fuel, which can not only avoid the heat loss, but also reduce the manpower.
In the process of sand drying machine operation, the fan plays a role of blowing hot air flow, and heat exchange occurs when contacting with materials. The fan controls the air volume. If the air volume is too large, a large number of heat sources will be taken away. Not only the drying effect can not be achieved, but also fuel will be wasted. If the fan is too small, the drying will not be complete. If the fan is too large, fuel will be wasted, so the fan size needs to be be careful.
The replacement of sand and hot air flow mainly occurs in the cylinder. If the cylinder is blocked, the hot air flow will not flow, not only can not be dried effectively, but also will cause local temperature to be too high, resulting in potential safety hazards of sand drum dryer.

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