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How to dry chicken manure fast ?


For the chicken farms, every day it will generate large quantity of fresh chicken manure. Fresh chicken manure moisture content can be up to 75%, and after some time storage, it will generate strong odor. If do not process the chicken manure rightly in time, it will pollute the environment, and also it is one waste of resource.

As the short digestic of chickens, much nutrition of the feed is not absorbed by the chickens, and much nutrition such as N,P,K and organic matters is left inside the chicken manure. After being dried, the dry chicken manure not only can be used as high quality organic fertilizer, but also can be used as animal feed for pigs, fish, and cattle, etc.

Then how to dry chicken manure fast ?

Firstly of all, it is not suitable to use sunshine to dry the wet chicken manure. Not only it will need much long chicken manure drying time, but also it is easy to be influenced by the weather such as rainy, snow, etc. What is more, it needs large ground area, and also it will occur flies problems.

Secondly, to compost the chicken manure also will takes more than 30 days which also needs to occupy large ground area.

Sunco Machinery designed one new type chicken manure dryer machine according to the features of chicken manure, and it is ideal for drying chicken manure quickly and continuously. It is to use high temperature flue gas to heat and dry the chicken manure directly, and within about 15-20 minutes, the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduced to be about 15-30% as need.

The enough heat is one key point for drying chicken manure fast in a short time. It will need to burn certain fuel to generate hot flue gas for the chicken manure dryer machine. The fuel for the chicken manure dryer can be coal, waste wood, diesel, natural gas, wood chips, palm kernel shells, corn cob, etc, and you can choose the most economical fuel according to your actual situation.
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Chicken manure drying system by Sunco Machinery mainly consists of burner, hot air stove, input screw conveyor, special designed chicken manure dryer, output screw conveyor or belt conveyor, induced draft fan, air duct, cyclone dust separator, exhaust air water treatment tower, recycling water pool, electric control cabinet, etc.

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