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How to operate the poultry manure drying machine ?


Trial Production Process of Poultry Manure Drying Machine

1.Before trial run without load, must add lubrication oil or lubrication grease into the reducer and the other related Transmission parts as need !!!
2.During the trial run without load, the technical people should operate the chicken manure drying machine specially, and check if there is abnormal noise and bounce, the time of trial run without load should not be less than 20 minutes, and the rotation speed of the dryer drum should be no more than 8 times per minute. Observe whether all equipment is abnormal and whether the fastening screws are loose.
3.Draft Fan: Before to start draft fan, close air damper. After the draft fan’s motor achieve normal rotation speed, gradually and slowly open the air damper and until it achieve normal level. Stop the machine immediately if there is abnormal sound.
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4.Start Process of poultry manure drying Machine :  
Light fire ---> Water Pump ---> Induced Draft Fan ---> Dryer ---> Outlet Belt Conveyor ---> Inlet Feeder ---> Inlet Screw Conveyor.
4.1 Light fire: Start the blower, adjust the air damper of furnace to make sure the blower can supply suitable air flow for the burning process.                       
The operation instruction of Fuel feeder's JSS48A-3 Cycle time relay is as follows:
(1)According the needed fuel quantity of manure drying system, combining the wet manure feeding quantity and also the fuel burning condition, to adjust the Cycle time relay’s Work and Stop status.
Work and Stop Time is adjusted according to production requirement.  H:Hour, M: Minute, S:Second , T1 :Work Time, T2 :Stop Time all are Time adjustment key, can adjust it according to the actual need. (For detail, please refer to the attached Operation Manual of Cycle time relay inside the electric control cabinet.)
(2)On the electric control cabinet, there is knob for the fuel feeder, and it has Auto Mode (自动), Manual Mode (手动), Stop Mode(燃料)。Can choose the related mode as actual need.
(3)The existing default adjustment level is s (seconds), working 5S (seconds) and stopping 5S (seconds).                        
4.2 Start water pump.
4.3 Start induced draft fan.
4.4 Start the poultry manure dryer and Inlet Feeder: Gradually increase Frequency converter to be about 25HZ, 
4.5 Start output belt conveyor.
4.6 Preheat the chicken manure dryer about 5-10 minutes, when the temperature near the front inlet cover is about 150 ℃ - 300 ℃ , then start the input screw conveyor, and feed wet manure into the inlet feeder. 
(In actual production process, according to the output manure’s humidity and targeted production capacity, adjust the dryer to be the suitable rotation speed.) 
4.7 According to the humidity of output chicken manure, by adjusting the rotation speed of the frequency conversion motor of input screw conveyor to increase or reduce the wet manure feeding quantity. 
5. Stop Process of Chicken Manure Drying Machine
10 minutes before stopping the chicken manure dryer, the worker should stop to feed fuel into the hot air furnace and stop the fire, and 10 minutes later stop the input screw conveyor.
After that, until all the manure comes out of the poultry manure dryer, then stop the output belt conveyor, when the temperature near the inlet of the chicken manure dryer is below 50 ℃, then stop draft fan, then stop water pump, then gradually reduce frequency converter to 0, finally stop the poultry manure dryer machine and inlet feeder, then the whole production process is stopped.

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