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Chicken Manure Dryer Design


Chicken Manure Dryer Design has to be according to the customers' actual need as follows:
01. What is the input moisture content (%) of the wet chicken manure ?
02. Is it fresh chicken manure or compost chicken manure ?
03. Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as coal, waste wood, diesel, natural gas, palm kernel shells, etc ?
04. After being dried, what is the needed output moisture content (%) of dry chicken manure ?
05. How many tons wet chicken manure do you need to dry per hour ?
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Key points for the chicken manure dryer design:
01. Heat Supplying System should can supply enough hot flue gas for the poultry manure drying system;
02. Wet Manure feeding system should can feed wet manure into the chicken manure dryer smoothly as need;
03. Chicken manure dryer should can supply enough drying space and water evaporation sapce for the chicken manure drying process, and also should can disperse the wet manure and increase the heat contacting area between hot air and wet manure. What is more, there should be special device to avoid the wet manure adhere onto the inner wall the poultry manure dryer machine.
04. Exhaust Air System especially the induced draft fan should can suck the hot flue gas into manure dryer, and also suck the exhaust air and water vapor out of the chicken manure dryer in time.
05. Exhaust air processing system should can get rid of the dust inside the exhaust air and help to lighten the odor.

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