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How to design the reasonable chicken manure dryer ?


For one successful chicken manure dryer machine, it has to be designed according to the features of wet manure and also the customers' actual demand.

Then, How to design the reasonable chicken manure dryer ?

First of all, have to fully understand the main features of wet chicken manure as follows:

(1) High Humidity up to about 75-80% moisture content;
(2) Sticky and easy to become lump type;
(3) The water is inside the wet manure but not surface water, the inner water is difficult to be got rid of. If the dryer system is not designed reasonably, after drying when the manure come out of the dryer, the surface of the manure seems dry, but the inner of the manure is still wet. After you store the manure some time, the inner water will come to the surface of the manure, and then the manure will become wet again.

(4) With strong smell especially in high temperature.


Secondly, key points to design the chicken manure dryer machine:
(1) The chicken manure dryer machine should have related special device and reasonable structure to disperse the wet manure and increase the contact area between high temperature air and wet manure, and avoid the wet manure to adhere onto the inner wall of the dryer, and can have higher heat exchanging efficiency.
(2) The chicken manure dryer machine’s diameter and length should be selected according to the needed capacity. Too small and too big both are not good.

(3) The chicken manure dryer machine should can supply enough drying space and drying time for the wet chicken manure.

(4) The chicken manure dryer system should have related device to process the smell of exhaust air.

(5) Hot air furnace should be designed according to the features of the fuel so that it can have good burning efficiency, easy for operation, and durable, and can supply enough high temperature air for the chicken manure drying machine.


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