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Netherlands customers visit Sunco for Rotary Sand Dryer


Netherlands customers visit Sunco Machinery for purchasing the Rotary Sand Drying Machine.
The requirement information of Netherlands customers is as follows:
Raw Material: silica sand 0.5-4.0 mm
Initial moisture content: 6%
Output Moisture Content: 0.5% 
Output Capacity of sand drying machine : 20 tons per hour.
Fuel: Natural Gas
Rotary Sand Dryer, sand drying machine, silica sand drum dryer
After discussed face to face in detail at Sunco factory, the Netherlands customers finally understand our new sand dryer design, and prefered to the output capacity 20 tons per hour silica sand drying machine.
The work flow of sand drying system is as follows:
--- Natural Gas Burner is used to burn natural gas.
--- Hot Air furnace supply the burning chamber for natural gas, and generate the high temperature air for the drying system.
--- Tractor Shovel sends the wet sand into sand hopper with disc feeder.
--- Sand hopper with disc feeder sends wet sand into inlet belt conveyor.
--- Inlet belt conveyor sends wet sand into triple pass rotary dryer.
--- Triple pass sand rotary dryer not only supply the drying chamber, but also its help the hot air to heat and dry the sand sufficiently, and get rid of the water, and finally reduce the moisture content of the sand to the needed moisture content.
--- Outlet belt conveyor takes out the dry sand from the sand dryer.
--- Induced draft fan makes the hot air into the dryer, and makes the exhaust air out of the dryer.
--- Some of the dust is mixed with the exhaust air, and inside the cyclone dust separator the dust is separated from the exhaust air. Finally the dust leave the cyclone dust separator through wind closing device, and the exhaust air leaves the cyclone dust separator, pass through the draft fan, and goes into water dedusting tower.
--- Inside the water dedusting tower, the dust is collected by the water, and the exhaust air finally goes into atmosphere.
--- Electric Control Panel is used to control the above machines in the sand drying system.
Rotary Sand Dryer,sand drying machine, silica sand drum dryer
If you are in need of Silica Sand Drying Machine, please do not hesitate to contact us:
--- Email: suncodryer@hotmail.com
--- Tel/Whatsapp:+86-15838214261

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Netherlands customers visit Sunco for Rotary Sand Dryer

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