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Jamaica Customer purchased one set of Wood Shavings Drying Machine


Jamaica Customer purchased one set of Wood Shavings Drying Machine c/w Accessories from Sunco Machinery.
The demand information of wood shavings drying machine is as follows:
Raw Material: wood shavings
Initial Moisture Content (%): about 45%
Output Moisture Content (%): 15%
Input Capacity of wood shavings dryer machine : about 1200 kg/hour
Output Capacity: about 800kg/hour 
Fuel: waste wood
End use: Animal bedding
Wood Shavings dryer machine also can be used for the drying of wood chips, sawdust, etc. Advantages of wood shavings drying machines by Sunco Machinery is as follows:
01. High temperature drying.
02. Short Drying Time within about 15 minutes.
03. Continuously drying.
04. Compact structure and less land occuption;
05. High heat exchanging efficiency.
wood shaving drying machine, rotary wood shavings dryer
For more information about the rotary wood shavings drying machine, please contact us at:
Email: suncodryer@hotmail.com

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